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February 9th, 2018


“Rozzi’s future seems as promising as ever” – Billboard

“Rozzi has the innate ability to deliver riveting universal stories in a soulful, organic, and fiercely honest way.” – LADYGUNN


Singer/songwriter Rozzi releases her debut single on Small Giant/Columbia Records “Never Over You” today- listen HERE. The honest and anthemic track showcases Rozzi’s range of vocal ability. “Never Over You” follows the release of her gut-wrenching piano ballad “Uphill Battle”. Rozzi released a stunning live in-studio performance video of “Uphill Battle” recorded in Capitol Recording Studios- check it out here. Both tracks are a taste of what’s to come on her first full-length album later this year.


“I was at my local coffee shop thinking about all of the bullshit, all the problems in my relationship. I was exhausted,” explains Rozzi. “But what I found was despite all of the things I was over…I wasn’t over him. I channeled those feelings that day and wrote this song. Since breaking up the words have taken on an entirely new meaning.”


At 19, Rozzi was discovered by Adam Levine, she toured the country with Maroon 5, and made a name for herself.  She parted ways with Levine in 2016 and began her own personal quest of self-discovery. During that time, Rozzi realized she had been so focused on success that she forgot to truly live her life. Rozzi started living and most notably fell in love for the first time and had her heart broken. She felt things she had never felt before, she found herself, and she wrote about it.


Follow Rozzi:

Kelly McWilliam/Columbia Records
[email protected]/ 310-272-2168

Winnie Lam/Columbia Records
[email protected]/ 212-833-8092